What Scares The New Atheists

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Dover beach

Atheist and author, John Gray, writes for The Guardian about what scares the New Atheists and why science alone is incapable of determining a value system. He writes, “The source of moral values is not science. In fact, as the most widely-read atheist thinker of all time argued, these quintessential liberal values have their origins in monotheism.” Read it here: What Scares The New Atheists

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TCC Playlist: Laughing With by Regina Spektor

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Regina Spektor

“No one laughs at God in a hospital.”

As a child, Regina Spektor and her parents fled the Soviet Union and came to the United States as refugees. Jews and other people of faith were persecuted in Communist Russia. Spektor continued her piano studies in the States. Music for your Sunday morning, listen to “Laughing With” after the jump:

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A Parting Glance at Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

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Did you know that Pope Benedict XVI made the Vatican the world’s only carbon neutral state, made polluting the environment a sin, or spoke out against factory farming? Learn more about the brilliant former pontiff from this essay in The Notre Dame Magazine, by TCC’s own Anna Keating. Read the whole thing here: A Parting Glance at Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

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