Misc: Cultural Historian: Are Apple Stores the New Temples?

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Apple store

Apple stores are designed like temples or churches, to create an experience of “sacred space” in a secular world. Read it in Atlas ObscuraAre Apple Stores the New Temples? For more on how Apple co-opted religious imagery to sell it’s products and create a following read Brett Robinson’s fascinating book: Appletopia: Media Technology and the Religious Imagination of Steve Jobs.

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Vertical Panoramic Views of NYC Cathedrals & Pope Francis Says Mass

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The vaulted ceilings of Catholic cathedrals were originally intended to draw a person’s perspective heavenward, toward the things of God. Richard Silver has built composite photographs of New York City cathedrals. See them here: Vertical Panoramic Views of NYC Cathedrals. Last night Pope Francis celebrated Mass in New York City. Watch a video of last night’s Mass in Madison Square Garden after the jump:

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Misc: Islamic State Destroys Ancient Christian Monasteries in Syria

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bulldozing 1500 year old monastery

From committing genocide against Christians and other religious minorities to enshrining a theology of rape, the moral tragedy continues as the Islamic State bulldozes ancient Christian monasteries in Syria. For the first time in my lifetime a Pope has approved limited use of force. More from The Gaurdian here: Islamic State Destroys Ancient Monasteries in Syria

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