Pope Francis, compassionate capitalism, and where your iPhone was made

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Pope Francis in Cuba

Michael Gerson writes for The Washington Post about Pope Francis’ concerns regarding unfettered capitalism. He writes, “[Capitalism] has taken hundreds of millions of people out of poverty . . . but it is a system that depends on virtues it does not create.” Read the whole thing here: Pope Francis and the argument for compassionate capitalism. Watch a video about where your iPhone was made after the jump:

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Misc: Cultural Historian: Are Apple Stores the New Temples?

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Apple store

Apple stores are designed like temples or churches, to create an experience of “sacred space” in a secular world. Read it in Atlas ObscuraAre Apple Stores the New Temples? For more on how Apple co-opted religious imagery to sell it’s products and create a following read Brett Robinson’s fascinating book: Appletopia: Media Technology and the Religious Imagination of Steve Jobs.

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