TCC Video: Why Christian? By Anna Keating

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Anna Keating

I recently spoke at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago to a liberal Protestant crowd on the topic of “Why Christian?” You have to purchase the video for $10, but then it can be watched and shared with Sunday school classes, small faith groups etc. Why are you a Catholic Christian? Watch it here.

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TCC Radio: Anna Keating | The Son Rise Morning Show

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Anna Keating

 “Are Catholics going the way of the buffalo?”

Anna Keating on the Son Rise Morning Show discussing our new book TCC: A Field Guide to the Daily Acts That Make Up a Catholic Life (Random House). Listen after the jump:

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Not Weird Enough | Anna Keating in KtB

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“This is a book for seekers.”

Anna Keating in Killing the Buddha discussing our new Field Guide, Madonna, and Eucharistic adoration at your local YMCA. Read it here: Not Weird Enough | Anna Keating in KtB. Thanks to Nathan Schneider for the interview!

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