On Disappearing Christianity: Suppose It’s Gone Forever?

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Sign of Peace

“The idea that people have some rights just because they are human . . . irrespective of merit, certainly isn’t derived from observation of the world.”

Read this Guardian editorial about Europe’s future without ChristianitySuppose It’s Gone Forever?

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The Secret Auden

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W.H. Auden

Interesting article in The New York Review of Books about the pursuit of kindness and honor by the poet and Anglo-Catholic W.H. Auden, “An old woman in his congregation was suffering night terrors, so he took a blanket and slept in the hallway outside her apartment.” Read the whole thing here: The Secret Auden.

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TCC Video: Film Banned From UK Cinemas for Saying the Lord’s Prayer

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Archbishop Welby

Archbishop Welby and The Church of England created the following one minute film, which shows people praying The Lord’s Prayer. The church payed for the ad to run in UK cinemas before the new Star Wars film, but it was banned as potentially offensive. Watch and share after the jump:

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