In Bethlehem Church Restoration Long Unseen Presence Appears

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angel mosaic

And you thought your church renovation was bad. Whose idea was it to plaster over this newly discovered mosaic in ancient the Church of the Nativity? More from National Geographic here: In Bethlehem Church Restoration Unseen Presence Appears

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TCC Playlist: So Long, Marianne by Bill Callahan

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Bill Callahan

“You held onto me like I was a crucifix, as we went kneeling through the dark.”

I love Bill Callahan, formerly of the one man band Smog, and his cover of Leonard Cohen’s song “So Long, Marianne.” It’s so sad and literate, and lines like “The angels forget to pray for us,” seem to come from some long lost Catholic imagination. Listen to the song here:

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TCC Playlist: Chance the Rapper’s Gospel-Rap Masterpiece

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Chance the Rapper

“I speak to God in public.”

On his new mixtape, Coloring Book, Chance the Rapper sings praises to God, and the skills of Kanye West.  More from SlateChance the Rapper’s Coloring Book is the First Gospel-Rap Masterpiece. Download the record here. Listen to “Blessings” after the jump:

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