TCC Playlist: Will the Circle Be Unbroken by The Staple Singers

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The Staple Singers

The Staple Singers are American gospel and R&B royalty, and have been called “God’s greatest hit-makers.” Learn more and listen to one of the family’s early songs, “Will The Circle Be Unbroken,” a good choice for All Souls Day, and a prayer for the day, after the jump:

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Misc: Decoding the Food and Drink on a Day of the Dead Altar

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Day of the Dead

November is the month of the Dead, and November 1st, All Saints Day, is the Day of the Dead. Learn how about these Catholic holidays and see photos after the jump. Learn more about how to make a Day of the Dead Altar in your home from NPR here: Decoding the Food and Drink on a Day of the Dead Altar.

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