TCC Video: Andrew Garfield on Falling in Love With Jesus

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Andrew Garfield and Amy Adams

“I’ve always had a longing because I wasn’t raised with anything.”

To prepare to play a Jesuit priest in Silence Andrew Garfield trained with Fr. James Martin and did The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola (more in our book). America: Andrew Garfield didn’t expect to fall in love with Jesus. Watch the videos after the jump. Thanks for supporting our blog.

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Why We Should Worry When Millennials Don’t Take Religion Seriously

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Arthur E. Farnsley a secular religious studies professor writes for The Washington Post about why it’s problematic that millennials don’t take religion seriously, “Most of the world is religious and religious convictions help determine social action of all kinds.” Read it here: Why We Should Worry When Millennials Don’t Take Religion Seriously

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Alexandra Kimball, a pro-choice writer, who describes feminism as her “religion,” finds relief from her grief after a miscarriage when a Catholic priest gives her permission to mourn the preterm baby she lost. Read it from The Globe and Mail here: Unpregnant. For another take read: Why I Confessed My Abortion 25 Years Later.

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