Misc: Standing in Solidarity with the Bishops on the Border

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Altar for Immigration Reform The US Catholic Bishops are celebrating Mass on the US-Mexico border today on behalf of the close to 6,000 migrants who have died in the U.S. desert since 1998. Support the Bishops and immigration reform with help from Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good: Standing in Solidarity with the Bishops on the Border. Prayers and action for immigrants here. More photos after the jump:

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Prayers and Action for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

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On November 7th Super Typhoon Haiyan, the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane, smashed into the Philippines. The devastation and loss of life is enormous. Catholic Relief Services is on the ground giving assistance.  You can donate to their life saving work here: Philippines Typhoon Emergency Response. Prayers after the jump:

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Urge Congress to Choose Diplomacy in Syria

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Pope Francis kissing the Bible

The US Catholic Bishops are urging American citizens to contact Congress and let them know that as Catholics we oppose the bombing of Syria. Inform yourself on the issue and let your voice be heard here: Urge Congress to Choose Dialogue and Diplomacy in Syria

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