St. Lucy’s Day & Children’s Books for Advent & Christmas

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Family Reading

Happy St. Lucy’s Day! We’ll be having cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate at our house. We’ll also be reading some books. Good books help families enter into the mystery of Advent and Christmas; the mystery of the Incarnation. The mystery of God’s mercy and love. Here are three we’ve been reading and loving in the past few weeks. More on St. Lucy’s Day here.

1) For today, Lucia Morning In Sweden by Ewa Rydaker and Carina Stahlberg. The book follows the preparations of a modern Swedish family as they prepare to celebrate St. Lucy’s Day. There are even recipes for the rolls they make in the back. It’s aimed at 5-10 year olds but little ones love it too. It’s nice for Catholic kids to know that people celebrate feast days, not just in their house, but all around the world.

child reading

2) The Gift From St. Nicholas by Dorothea Lachner and Maja Dusikova. This is my new favorite Advent/ Christmas book. It’s St. Nicholas Eve (Dec. 6th) and the children are worried. The snow has the villagers trapped in their houses. They send a prayer to St. Nicholas, and the good saint (on skis!) leaves a mysterious gift in the village square. It’s not what they expected, but just what they needed. This is a true meaning of Christmas story.

child reading

3) Grandfather’s Christmas Tree by Keith Strand and Thomas Locker. The true story of a young rancher and his wife in 1880s Colorado. A blizzard hits as they are anticipating the birth of their first child. On Christmas eve the couple prays for a miracle that will protect their newborn son. This is a story that will stay with both children and adults.