TCC Video: Patti Smith on Pope Francis & Her Performances at The Vatican

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Patti Smith meets Pope Francis

The American punk rocker, and National Book Award winning memoiristPatti Smith, was raised a Jehovah’s Witness. And yet she has been described in The New Yorker and elsewhere as having deeply Catholic leanings. Smith speaks on Democracy Now about her love for Pope Francis, and being invited to perform at the Vatican twice. Watch the video after the jump:

TCC Reads: Lit by Mary Karr

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Lit by Mary Karr

Looking for a great memoir? We recommend Lit by Mary Karr.  Karr’s unflinching and irreverent honesty about her life as a writer and mother, her marriage and divorce, her alcoholism, recovery, search for God and ultimate decision to join the Catholic Church, is matched by her striking sentences. In America, TCC’s own Anna Keating reviews the book. Read it here: True Confessions

Misc: How David Carr Described His Messy Relationship With Faith

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David Carr

“The unconditional love of the Church could possibly mean the difference between somebody living or dying.”

The New York Times journalist, David Carr, died on Thursday. In his memoir, about recovering from drug addiction, he wrote about his Catholicism. More from The Washington Post here: How David Carr Described His Messy Relationship With Faith