TCC Films: Born into Brothels

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Born into Brothels In 2005 Born into Brothels won the Academy Award for Best Documentary. The film tells the story of eight children, growing up in Calcutta’s Red Light District. The filmmakers gave the children cameras and taught them how to take photos in order to document their lives and bring attention to the plight of prostitutes and trafficked women in India.  The children are, of course, a delight. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Given the Pope’s recent comments about human trafficking being one of the greatest human right’s issues of our day, we highly recommend this film. Watch the trailer after the jump:

TCC Films: The Blind Side

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Sandra Bullock won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in The Blind Side. In the film she plays Leigh Anne Tuohy, an over the top southern decorator who lives in a McMansion and who, along with her husband Sean, adopts a poor black teenager named Michael Oher who goes on to football stardom.  The movie is adapted from Oher’s book I Beat the Odds, From Homelessness to the Blindside and Beyond, and because of Bullock’s superb performance, is definitely worth watching. Bullock said she felt like she was playing the character too big, until she met Tuohy and realized, “I wasn’t playing her big enough.” (PG-13) Watch the trailer after the jump:

TCC Films: Goodwill Hunting

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Robin Williams

The actor and comedian Robin Williams died yesterday at the age of 63. He’d been battling depression, and took his own life. Williams was a one of a kind performer, recovering addict, and Episcopalian. In his stand up, he jokingly described being Episcopalian as, “Catholic-light.” May he rest in peace. We recommend his 1997 film Goodwill Hunting. Read Anna Keating’s review and watch the trailer after the jump: