Misc: Pope Francis laments injustices of penal system

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Pope Francis

Speaking to a group of prison chaplains Pope Francis said, “No cell is so isolated that it can keep the Lord out . . . He is there. He cries with them, works with them, hopes with them. His paternal and maternal love arrives everywhere.”  Read about it from Catholic News Service here: Pope Says He’s Drawn to Prisoners And in The National Catholic Reporter: Francis Laments Injustice of Penal System

The Pope also said of those in prison, “It is easier to punish the small fry, but let the big fish swim free in the water.” His comments about Italy’s justice system turning a blind eye to the most powerful criminals may have been fueled by the crimes of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Read more from Bloomberg: Pope Francis Faults Italy Justice Amid Berlusconi Amnesty Debate