Misc: Making Babies, Just to Make Ends Meet

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The Church forbids Catholics from using certain reproductive technologies such as surrogates and IVF. This is, in part, because these procedures often result in the termination of “defective” or unwanted human embryos.  They may also contribute to the commodification of the human person. We don’t often think about the poor women who sometimes risk their lives to be surrogates. As Pope Francis recently said, “Human beings themselves are now considered as consumer goods which can be used and thrown away.” In this essay in the New York Times, Susan Straight writes about her neighbor, who makes ends meet by being a surrogate, “When people say, ‘That’s so much money!’ I say, ‘This is not a job where you take a break, lie down and rest, go on vacation for a week. She’s pregnant 24-7. Oh, and there’s the part where she could die.'” Read it here: Making Babies Just to Make Ends Meet