Euthanasia’s Euphemisms

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The Fault in Our Stars

A bill that would allow physician-assisted suicide (House Bill 1135), is up for a vote in the state of Colorado. Many people believe that the most fundamental freedoms we have as individuals, are the freedom to end our own lives (when terminally ill), the lives of others (in the case of stand your ground laws), and the lives of our offspring (in the case of abortion). The Catholic Church teaches that life is a gift over which we have stewardship but not absolute dominion, and that we must never directly intend to cause our own death or the death of anyone else. There are nonviolent solutions, like hospice care, and pain management, for terminally ill patients (who are also free to refuse care). Wesley J. Smith writes for First Things about the “death with dignity” movement. He writes, “When a social movement must rely on euphemisms to obfuscate its goals, it is a good bet that there is something wrong with its agenda.” Read his piece here: Euthanasia’s Euphemisms

physician assisted suicide protest