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End the shutdown

The Catholic Church is the largest charitable organization in the US. Catholic Charities USA and its local member agencies  continue to see and feel the effects of the ongoing government shutdown. During these uncertain times, it is important to remember that defending the rights of the poor is not just a nice thing to do, it is our moral responsibility, as former CCUSA president Father Kammer said this week, “[To care for the poor] is a gift to each of us for which we should be grateful and a cause for rejoicing in our calling.”

Local agencies have continued providing services, although many are growing worried that they may need to reconsider some programs due to lack of funds and an increased need, with furloughed workers adding to the numbers of those in need of help. Catholic Charities in Washington D.C. is particularly affected due to its close ties with the federal government, and many of its services have been put on hold during the shutdown, while Catholic Charities in San Antonio has had to limit services to appointment-only due to the growing numbers of furloughed workers seeking assistance. Many charities are feeling the effects of the shutdown, and CCUSA continues to urge Congress to consider its effects on those in need.

In order to spread the word to members of Congress, CCUSA has put out a call to action asking everyone to please take two minutes to reach out to their respective representatives. This Tuesday, make your voice heard and tell the government how the shutdown is putting the lives of those in poverty at stake.