Memorial of Sts. Timothy and Titus

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Timothy and Titus

In a way, the Feast of the Conversion of Paul continues today with the memorial of two of his friends and companions, Saints Timothy and Titus.

Both died serving the Christ they loved.

Who could have imagined not only that Paul would become an apostle, but that he would have among his closest confidantes men like Timothy and Titus, who were both Christian and had strong gentile connections?

But the three were part of a mighty missionary band. Sometimes Paul travelled with Timothy or, later, Titus. Sometimes Paul sent one or the other ahead of him to make a way in a new city for the founding of a new church. Sometimes he left one or the other behind to care for the newly established church, as when he appointed Timothy Bishop of Ephesus. Sometimes, as is the case with the quarrelsome Corinthian church, he sent Titus, a born peacemaker, to read Paul’s letter to the assembly and help them restore harmony. (You can read about how they met Paul and joined his work in Acts, chapters 16-20.)

Like Timothy, Titus became a bishop. He served in Crete.

Timothy died a martyr’s death. Titus died peaceful death, an old man, full of years. Both died serving the Christ they loved.