Make Orange Peel Bird Feeders For Today’s Feast

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I want to preface this post by saying that I almost never do crafts with my kids. It’s enough most days to be a good parent and get dinner on the table, we don’t need to add “not doing enough crafts with the kids” to the lists of things to feel guilty about. Still,┬ásometimes you’re in the mood to do something fun, hands on, or educational with kids. So, when and if, that day comes, pull up this post and make these awesome orange peel bird feeders and talk to the little people in your life about caring for Creation. Today is the Feast of St. John Capistrano, a Franciscan, so today would be a great day to explain to them that God made the natural world, and that our job, as followers of Jesus, is not to squander the gift, but to be good stewards of it.

These bird feeders are easy, cheap, and fun for little ones to make. (That’s my son with his bird feeder above.)

Added bonus, all the supplies you need for this craft you can find at the grocery store.

Here’s what you will need: a bag of full size oranges, a knife to slice them with, a hand powered juicer, yarn or thick string, a large sewing needle, a pair of children’s scissors, a spoon, and some all natural birdseed.

1) Help your kids soften the oranges by squeezing them with your hands or rolling them on the table.  Then slice them in half on a cutting board.

2) Let your kids squeeze the orange halves on the juicer. Pour the freshly squeezed OJ into cups and drink while you work.

3) The kids can cut a piece of yarn and thread the sewing needle. Of course, let them try to do it themselves before offering assistance.

4) Help them poke the needle across the opening of the sliced orange to create a handle, like so.

bird feeder

5) Put the orange in a bowl or on a plate (to catch loose birdseed) and let them spoon the all natural birdseed into the scooped out orange. Finally, find a place to hang the feeder or feeders (and hopefully) watch the birds.

– Anna Keating