Gifts for Celebrating Easter at Home

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Easter gifts

When people read our book Field Guide to the Daily Acts That Make Up A Catholic Life they often discover that Easter lasts for fifty days and ask, “How are we supposed to observe a 50 day period of rejoicing?” Here’s what our family is doing.

This year, the kids got treats in their Easter baskets (of course), but also two gifts meant to help all of us keep the season. First, a copy of Dear Pope Francis from Loyola Press. The book is a series of letters and drawings addressed to Pope Francis from children around the world. Francis sagely answers them all. It’s a great read for all ages.

Second, they received The Garden of the Good Shepherd: a Sticker Calendar to Count the 50 days of Easter illustrated by Tomie dePaola. Every day, after dinner, they get to put one sticker up, as we listen to a brief reflection about the day’s image, say our prayers, and exchange the Sign of Peace. Simple, joyful, inexpensive and fun.