Dear Sister Sunday

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Dear Sister Sunday,

I am a Catholic. My co-worker, also a Catholic, says grace before every meal, even at restaurants. It makes me super uncomfortable. What do you think?


Catholic Under the Radar


Dear CUR,

I assume you thank the server who brings your food. And the cashier who takes your money. And the person who, from time to time, picks up the check. I assume you do these things in the daylight, in the restaurant, in front of other diners. I further assume that your thanks don’t take the form of a dancing-on-the-tables Glee-style musical number. I assume they’re quietly, but simply, done.

Why shouldn’t your co-worker, and you — both Catholics — thank the One who created the food? Which, by the way, can be done silently. Think of it as a chance to turn off your cell phone, breathe and prepare to enjoy what “God has given and human hands have made.”

Remember, saying thank you is just good manners.

Sincerely, and thanks for asking,

Sister Sunday