Taking a break to tackle new projects

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Anna Keating

When my mother and I started dreaming up this project four years ago, my oldest son could still fit on the back of my bike. Now he’s 5 and has a 2 1/2 year old sister. I’ve updated this site during that time every single day (including the day I gave birth!). I designed this blog with our book in mind and by word of mouth and thanks to all of you it grew. Thecatholiccatalogue.com went from a couple of readers, mostly family and friends, to a peak of over 70,000 followers on Facebook and elsewhere. One year ago this month our book came out with Random House (Image) and since then we’ve been busy doing lots of speaking and general promotion, and we have been flattered by all the good and kind things people have had to say about our work. But it’s time to start new writing projects. I can feel it, and that means taking a blogging break. We’ll keep the site online so you can still search it (upper right hand corner) as well as the content on Pinterest, Spotify, Goodreads, FB, and Twitter, and we will be canceling the Paypal subscriptions of our generous donors. I will provide occasional updates, for example, to let you know when new projects are coming out.

Mary Garden by Chau Nguyen

In the meantime, if you need your Catholic Catalogue fix, and want to have a more meaningful Lent and Easter, please buy the book, or invite us to come speak at your parish or school. (I just did a candle making talk and workshop as part of my new position as Catholic chaplain at Colorado College, and it was so much fun.) I know you will all keep living this beautiful life and fighting for a better world. And again, thanks to everyone who a part of our quirky and orthodox take on the daily acts that make up a Catholic life.


Anna Keating

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TCC Video: You Can’t Follow Christ and Ban Refugees

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The USCCB and other Christian leaders have been busy since the election of Trump fighting for a consistent ethic of life, and condemning President Trump‘s plans: to increase torture, ban refugees, worsen climate change, and take away people’s healthcare without a replacement. Headlines: Evangelicals Oppose Trump’s Plan to Ban Refugees. Catholic Bishops Press Trump on Immigration. Catholic Bishops Urge Trump Not To Repeal Obamacare Without a Replacement. Watch a video from Fr. James Martin on the duty to welcome the stranger after the jump:

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Catholic Pro-Lifers at the Women’s March? Get Used to It.

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Anna Keating and her sisters

I went to the Women’s March as a Pro-Life Feminist with a Pro-Life sign. More on why after the jump. Simcha Fisher on how Catholics are politically homeless and taking to the streets: Catholic Pro-Lifers at the Women’s March? Get Used to It. Frederica Matthewes-Green: When Abortion Stopped Making SensePro-Choice and Pro-Life Feminists Should March Together.

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