Become a Subscriber (a Message from Ira Glass)

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Ira Glass, the host of the radio program, This American Liferecently said about fundraising, “The great thing about putting stuff out over the Internet . . . is that if you like it and want it to continue, you can help that happen. But for this to work, for us to ask for money only once per year… you actually have to give.”  So if you love the design and look of The Catalogue, or the original content, or the articles, or the original art and illustration, or the movies and music. Please please please become a subscriber or make a donation today so we can keep up the good work. We have over 20 subscribers and over 20,000 readers. We’re grateful for you all and excited to help you have a more meaningful Lent and Easter. Let us know if there’s something you’d like to see on the site. Thanks in advance, Anna, Melissa, and Chau