TCC Reads: “The Collar” and “Love III” by George Herbert

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Sometimes it helps to read some old poetry. The poems of the Englishman George Herbert meant a lot to me growing up because they capture the experience of being pursued by God even when you are trying to escape. Read “The Collar” and “Love III” after the jump:

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Helping the Homeless is Everyone’s Responsibility

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Dorothy Day

“Me, you, everyone – should take care of them.”

In the early Church caring for the homeless was everyone’s responsibility, maybe it still is. Rick Hampson writes about the American Catholic radical, Servant of God Dorothy Day, and the idea of personalism in USA Today here: Helping the Homeless is Everyone’s Responsibility

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TCC Video: Why Christian? By Anna Keating

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Anna Keating

I recently spoke at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago to a liberal Protestant crowd on the topic of “Why Christian?” You have to purchase the video for $10, but then it can be watched and shared with Sunday school classes, small faith groups etc. Why are you a Catholic Christian? Watch it here.

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