Being Catholic means living a life. The practice precedes the theology. The Catholic Catalogue is a field guide, a list of far ranging topics, that should aid any Catholic – whether steeped in the tradition or just discovering spirituality for the first time – to come and see the daily acts that make up a Catholic life.

Our site is a collection of curated as well as original content. We are your source for Catholic practice and esoterica, from the trivial to the profound. Our book, The Catholic Catalogue, is available from Random House. It’s reviewed in National Catholic Reporter here.

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Melissa Musick


Melissa Musick is the co-author of The Catholic Catalogue: A Field Guide to The Daily Acts That Make Up a Catholic Life and a columnist for National Catholic Reporter and Celebration. She is  the author of nine books on religion and spirituality. Her essays and radio stories have appeared in First Things, Commonweal, National Review, GIA, Catholic Radio, Notre Dame Magazine, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, and Give Us This Day. She studied at Grinnell College and St. Thomas seminary, and was a college chaplain for nine years. She has five grown children, ten grandchildren, and makes a mean chocolate cake. She is available for speaking engagements. Contact her at mmnussbaum@comcast.net.


Anna Keating


Anna Keating is the co-author of The Catholic Catalogue: A Field Guide to The Daily Acts That Make Up a Catholic Life, and the Coordinator of Catholic Life at Colorado College. She posts what you see on this site. Her essays and interviews have appeared in U.S. CatholicFirst ThingsSalonAmerica, Dappled Things, Notre Dame Magazine, Commonweal, Sojourners, Killing the Buddha, NPR, The Denver Post,  The Longest Shortest Time, Catholic Radio, Church Life Journal, Millennial and elsewhere. She graduated from Notre Dame, and owns and lives above Keating Woodworks, a handmade furniture studio in Colorado. On nice days she likes to take bike rides with her husband and kids. Contact her at anna@catholiccatalogue.com. She is available for speaking engagements.


Chau Nguyen


Chau Nguyen is a Notre Dame and RISD grad, teaches high school in her home town of Houston, Texas, and recently opened Myth and Symbol, a brick and mortar store carrying independent designers and makers. She is married to her college sweetheart, a new mom, and will not turn down candy or fruit.