Study Theology even if you don’t believe

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The Evangelist St. Matthew with his angel

Tara Isabella Burton writes a defense of an undergraduate degree in Theology, “The absence of theology in our universities is an unfortunate example of blindness—willful or no—to the fact that engagement with the past requires . . . a willingness to look outside our own perspectives in order to engage with the great questions—and questioners—of history on their own terms.” Read it in The Atlantic here: Study Theology even if you don’t believe in God. More art after the jump:

Don’t Drop Theology Requirements

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The Jesuit priest and professor of theology, Brian Daley, writes about the University of Notre Dame’s plan to drop the undergrad theology requirements and why theology is at the heart of Catholic education, “Intelligent reflection on the content of faith—on the being of God, on the historical experiences of Israel and the church, on the person of Jesus and the activity of the Spirit—is of fundamental importance to the life of a Catholic intellectual culture.” Read it in America here: Don’t Drop Theology Requirements