Memorial of the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul

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St. Paul by Carvaggio

The painting of the conversion of St. Paul above is by Carvaggio. If Paul can be welcomed into the church, so can you. So can any of us. As my four year old said after listening to Justin Bieber, “It’s never too late to say sorry.” More after the jump:

Bob Dylan Says He Would Have Liked to Teach Theology

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Bob Dylan tells AARP Magazine if he had it to do all over again he’d be a theology teacher: Bob Dylan Says He Would Have Liked to Teach Theology. Listen to Patti Smith sing “A Hard Rain’s a Gonna Fall” after the jump:

TCC Playlist: Kyrie by Emmylou Harris & John Paul White

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The Civil Wars and Emmylou Harris

Catholics pray an ancient prayer in Greek at every liturgy. It’s called the “Kyrie” or “Kyrie Eleison” and it means “Lord, have mercy.” This way of invoking God’s pity, pre-dates Christianity, and has its roots in JudaismAt every Mass we say or sing, Kyrie eleison (Lord, have mercy) Christe eleison (Christ, have mercy)Kyrie eleison (Lord, have mercy). With so much violence, war, and terror, in Paris and around the world, we can’t stop saying or singing these words. Listen to Emmylou Harris and John Paul White‘s take on this ancient song, watch a video & see photos after the jump:

TCC Playlist: Babylon by Mountain Man

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Mountain Man

The vocal group, Mountain Man, starting singing together as students at Bennington College. Their a cappella arrangements are beautiful and spare. Listen to them sing Psalm 137, written by the prophet Jeremiah, about the exile of the Jewish people following the Babylonian conquest after the jump: