TCC Playlist: When The Man Comes Around and Personal Jesus by Johnny Cash

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johnny-cash-portrait One of the last songs Johnny Cash wrote was “When the Man Comes Around.” The song is full of Biblical end-times imagery. The musical portion begins with Cash singing that one day a man will come to pass judgement. Clearly, Cash was preparing for his own death. Listen to this strange spare song and his cover of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus,” and learn more about his life after the jump:

TCC Playlist: If the Good Lord’s Willing by Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash Country, rock, and gospel artist, Johnny Cash, “The Man in Black” lived a hard life. One of seven children, he began picking cotton along side his family at the age of five. Cash was a devout Christian who considered himself “the biggest sinner of them all.” Read more and listen to his love song, “If the Good Lord’s Willing” after the jump:

TCC Playlist: Wedding Reception Playlist

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Wedding Reception June is wedding season. According to CNN, last year the average cost of a wedding in the US was $28,000.  In Manhattan the average was nearly $80,000. Read more on how to save money by coming up with your own playlist. TCC’s own Anna Keating recommends some great songs for a reception, from dinner music and slow dances to dance music & listen to a few like Sara Bareilles “I Choose You” and Vampire Weekend “Everlasting Arms” after the jump: