TCC Playlist: So Sweetly & Jesus by Page France

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Michael Nau (Page France)

“If you talk to Jesus, ask him if he wants me to come home.”

Band leader and lyricist, Michael Nau, of the indie-folk band “Page France” often tired of having his music labeled “Christian,” as so-called Christian music has a reputation for being subpar. And yet, Jesus kept coming up in his songs. Thanks for your support. More and two of our favorites after the jump:

TCC Playlist: The Ghost of Rockschool by Belle and Sebastian

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“I didn’t see any other hipsters or punks at church.”

We’re fans of the indie-pop band Belle and Sebastian from Glasgow, Scotland. Lead singer Stuart Murdock writes great pop songs and doesn’t shy away from exploring religious themes in his songwriting. Read more and listen to the song after the jump:

TCC Playlist: Live to Tell the Tale by Passion Pit

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Passion Pit

The first four songs on Passion Pit’s debut album Chunk of Change were written on a laptop by Michael Angelakos as a gift to his girlfriend at Emerson, where he was a student at the time. Angelakos was raised in the Greek Orthodox church. On the song “Live to Tell” he sings, “God bless that smile on your face.” It’s electronica indie pop and also super sweet. Listen after the jump:

TCC Playlist: The Transfiguration by Sufjan Stevens

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Anyone who has ever seen Sufjan Stevens perform live knows that he plays upwards of a dozen instruments, loves to experiment with different styles of music, and doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. He may also be indie-rock’s most eligible Anglo-Catholic bachelor. He said in an interview with Quietus, “I think the Good News is about grace and hope and love and a relinquishing of self to God.” Read more and listen to his music after the jump: