TCC Video: Why Christian? By Anna Keating

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Anna Keating

I recently spoke at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago to a liberal Protestant crowd on the topic of “Why Christian?” You have to purchase the video for $10, but then it can be watched and shared with Sunday school classes, small faith groups etc. Why are you a Catholic Christian? Watch it here.

Revitalizing Catholic Culture: Interview With Anna Keating

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Anna Keating

Anna Keating speaks tp Millennial Journal about: grandmasmillennials, challenging beautyporches, being uncoolNativism, the KKK, and the revitalization of Catholic culture. Thanks to Robert Christian for the great questions. Read it here: Revitalizing Catholic Culture: Q&A With Anna Keating

TCC Radio: You Want Me to Eat What? Local Author Anna Keating on Her Book

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Melissa Musick and Anna Keating

“I was drawn back to this strange God.”

Did this interview yesterday on my local NPR station, KRCC. Talking to Noel Black about cannibalism, Jesus the unplanned pregnancy, and our new book. Listen here. More after the jump:

TCC Radio: Anna Keating | The Son Rise Morning Show

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Anna Keating

 “Are Catholics going the way of the buffalo?”

Anna Keating on the Son Rise Morning Show discussing our new book TCC: A Field Guide to the Daily Acts That Make Up a Catholic Life (Random House). Listen after the jump:

What You’re Doing Is Holy & It Matters | Q&A with Anna Keating

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Anna Keating and her daughter

“I need to just sit and listen.”

Aleteia interviewed Anna Keating about The Catholic Catalogue, a field guide to Catholic practices, which she co-authored with Melissa Musick. Read the phone interview with Anamaria Biddick here: What You’re Doing Is Holy & It Matters | Q& A with Anna Keating