Pope Explains Why He Won’t Sell the Church’s Treasures

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The Pieta

Michelangelo’s Pieta cannot be auctioned, Pope Francis has said, “because it is not the property of the Church. It’s inside a church, but it belongs to humanity.” The Pope’s comments appeared in a Dutch newspaper published by the homeless. Read more here: Pope Explains Why He Won’t Sell the Church’s Treasures

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Thanksgiving in Mongolia

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19 weeks gestation

In The New Yorker Ariel Levy writes about the experience of miscarrying in the fifth month of pregnancy. “For a length of time I cannot delineate, I sat there, awestruck, transfixed. Every finger, every toenail, the golden shadow of his eyebrows coming in, the elegance of his shoulders—all of it was miraculous, astonishing.” Read it here: Thanksgiving in Mongolia. (The photo above of a fetus in the womb at 18 weeks was taken by Lennart Nilsson.)

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TCC Video: Film Banned From UK Cinemas for Saying the Lord’s Prayer

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Archbishop Welby

Archbishop Welby and The Church of England created the following one minute film, which shows people praying The Lord’s Prayer. The church payed for the ad to run in UK cinemas before the new Star Wars film, but it was banned as potentially offensive. Watch and share after the jump:

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