Praying the Way of the Mother

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The Via Matris or Way of the Mother is a set of seven stations each marking the seven sorrows of the Virgin Mary. At each station, silently reflect on Mary’s sorrow. After reflecting pray a Hail Mary and “Mother, Most Sorrowful, Pray for us.” This is a great meditation for sleepless nights or during pregnancy. Learn the prayer after the jump:

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TCC Radio: Coming to Term

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unplanned pregnancy

Rebecca Nesson tells her story about new motherhood on The Moth podcast. Struggling as a first time mom, she was depressed and considering a divorce, when an unintended second pregnancy helped her turn her life and her marriage around. Listen here: Coming to Term 

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The Catholic Artist Today

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empty frame

Catholic poet, Dana Gioia, writes in First Things about the absence of  Catholics in the American fine arts.”The great and present danger to American literature is the growing homogeneity of our writers. . . Often raised in several places in no specific cultural or religious community, educated with no deep connection to a particular region, history, or tradition, and now employed mostly in academia, the American writer is becoming as standardized as the American car . . .  It is time to renovate and reoccupy our own tradition . . . ” Read it all here: The Catholic Writer Today

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Misc: 25 Things I Wish I Knew at 25

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25th Birthday

Jesuit priest, and author, James Martin, reveals some bits of advice and wisdom he wished he’d known when he was in his twenties. Read the list on The Huffington Post here: 25 Things I Wish I Knew at 25: Spiritual Learnings on My 50th Birthday

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