Looking Away From Abortion

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fetus in utero

Everyone wants to believe that they’re a good person living in a just society, but the truth is that we’re all sinners in need of mercy. We can admit this because we know that our admission will be met with a mercy and tenderness that knows no boundsPlanned Parenthood says that the fetal body parts obtained in an abortion go to potentially life saving research. Fetus is a Latin word which means “offspring.” For Catholics, even worse than suffering from a terminal illness, would be knowing that a child’s life had been ended in order for your own to be potentially extended. Read Ross Douthat’s piece in today’s New York TimesLooking Away From Abortion.

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No porn please, we’re British

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Thanks to British Prime Minister David Cameron the U.K.’s four biggest Internet service providers will automatically block access to porn sites, unless users specifically request that the filters be disabled. More after the jump and read about it from CNBC here: No porn please, we’re British


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