TCC Films: Present Perfect

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Present Perfect

When a preschool was put in a nursing home, young and old thrived in a culture of encounter. Pope Francis often cautions against a “throw away” society that doesn’t value children or the elderly. We need the very young and the very old, and they need each other. Watch the trailer for the documentary film Present Perfect after the jump:

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Atlanta Archbishop Responds to US Supreme Court Ruling

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US Supreme Court

Atlanta Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory released this statement in response to the US Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage. “Continue the vitally important dialogue of human encounter, especially between those of diametrically differing opinions.” Read it from The Georgia Bulletin here: Atlanta Archbishop Responds to US Supreme Court Ruling

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TCC Playlist: Get Over It and Down By Idris Goodwin

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Idris Goodwin

We’re fans of the Colorado based indie-rapper and playwright Idris Goodwin. On his latest album Rhyming While Black, he raps about racism and the harassment and killing of black Americans by police. As we mourn the victims of the Charleston church shooting, listen to the tracks “Get Over it” and “Down” and be inspired. Buy the album here.

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