Misc: Food and Water from Pope Francis

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Pope Francis

In a gesture of mercy, Pope Francis is sending half a ton of food to families suffering hardships in one of Rome’s poorest neighborhoods. Read about from Catholic News Agency here: Rome’s Poor Receive 1,000 Pounds of Food. He has also been speaking recently about the importance of clean water. More from NCR here: Pope: Future of Humanity Depends on Protecting and Sharing Water.

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A Most Unlikely Saint

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G.K. Chesteron

James Parker doesn’t know if G.K. Chesteron was a saint but he knows that he was a genius. He writes, If you’ve got an afternoon, read his masterpiece of Christian apologetics Orthodoxy: ontological basics retailed with a blissful, zooming frivolity, Thomas Aquinas meets Eddie Van Halen.” Read the whole piece from The Atlantic here: A Most Unlikely Saint

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