TCC Video: Pope Francis Rallies Against the Weapons Trade in the Holy Land

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Pope Francis at the Jordan

Pope Francis visited the Jordan River in the Holy Land yesterday, the site of Jesus’ baptism.  He met with refugees and spoke out about the evils of the weapons trade, praying for the conversion of the “criminals” who participate in it.  “Here is the root of evil: hatred and greed for money by corporations and traders of arms.” Watch the video after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: Orthodox Composer Arvo Part’s Music Celebrated

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Arvo Part Estonian composer Arvo Part, 78, writes unabashed and openly religious and spiritual music. Steeped in Gregorian chant, the composer and Orthodox Christian will perform in Washington D.C. this week. Read more from The Washington Post here: Arvo Part’s Music Celebrated. Listen to one of his most popular composition’s “Spiegel im spiegel” after the jump:

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Misc: Boston College Professor Assigns Dating

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coffee-dateBoston College professor, Kerry Cronin teaches a class on philosophy, relationships, and personal development. As a part of the course, and in response to hook up culture, students go on an actual date. Read more from The Boston Globe here: Boston College Professor Assigns Students Dates

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TCC Radio: Pope Francis’ Historic Trip to the Holy Land to Heal Divisions

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Pope Francis This weekend Pope Francis will travel to The Holy Land. It will be a trip of firsts. The Bishop of Rome is seeking unity between Christians, peace between Christians, Muslims and Jews, and an end to violence against Christians in the region. Deo Gratias. Listen to the story on NPR here: The 1,000 Year Old Schism That Pope Francis Seeks to Heal. More here: Pope Francis to Travel to the Holy Land with Rabbi and Muslim Leader 

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