Misc: Funeral for murdered transgendered woman at Pope’s church

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In a gesture of mercy for someone who lived and died on the margins, a funeral was arraigned by the Jesuits in Rome for a transgendered homeless Catholic, Andrea Quintero, who was beaten to death on the street, and had no family to speak of. Read the full story from John Allen in The National Catholic Reporter here: Funeral for transgendered homeless woman at Pope’s church. CNN’s take on the story after the jump:

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TCC Playlist: Nearer My God to Thee by The Lower Lights

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The Lower Lights Sarah Sample of the Americana gospel revival group “The Lower Lights” founded in 2009, says of old hymns, “there’s just really beautiful, hopeful music out there that I don’t think has been given justice to. So we’ve been trying to . . . dig those songs out of the earth and polish them up a bit.” She continues, “What we want people to feel is that there’s room for everyone in the songs no matter what their lives look like, that there’s space for them to sing along and be joyful in it and be part of it.” Sample says. “We’re all part of … a bigger human family, and I think that’s what music is about: bringing people together.” The group is predominately Mormon, but these traditional hymns transcend that label and have been sung by all Christians. For example, listen to the track “Nearer my God to Thee” after the jump:

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Misc: Homeboy industries, a success story still faces a daily struggle

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Fr. Gregory Boyle Fr. Gregory Boyle S.J. is one of our heroes. For a quarter of a century, he has steered people out of the gang life through Homeboy Industries, which offers job training, counseling, tattoo removal and more. The model Boyle built has been replicated around the country and abroad, but due to government cuts his program is struggling. Fr. Boyle is also suffering from cancer. Read about it in The Los Angeles Times here: Homeboy industries, a success story still faces a daily struggle

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Misc: It’s cardinal v. cardinal on divorced and remarried Catholics

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Cardinal Maradiaga

John Allen writes for The National Catholic Reporter about a recent disagreement between two Cardinals on the issue of divorced and remarried Catholics receiving the sacraments. “Pope Francis has himself signaled openness to some flexibility on access to the sacraments for divorced and remarried Catholics, saying during a press conference on an airplane during his return from Brazil in July that perhaps Catholicism could learn something from the practice of Eastern Orthodox churches of recognizing a second marriage.” Read the article here: It’s cardinal v. cardinal on divorced and remarried Catholics

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