Misc: Pope to Notre Dame: Be Uncompromising Witnesses

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Pope Francis kisses disabled man

Several of us at The Catholic Catalogue studied at Notre Dame, so we were thrilled to see that Pope Francis recently met with a delegation from the University and spoke with them about the importance of the “uncompromising witness of Catholic universities.” Read more from the Vatican News Network here: Pope to Notre Dame: Be Uncompromising Witnesses. See pictures of University President Rev. John Jenkins and Pope Francis here.

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TCC Playlist: Streets of Glory and We Shall Not Be Moved by Pete Seeger

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Pete Seeger The great American folk singer, Pete Seeger died yesterday at the age of 94. Seeger used his music to support civil rightslabor unionsthe peace movementenvironmental causes and other social issues. He often used spirituals to inspire and encourage his audiences. Spirituals he sang, like “We Shall Overcome” played an integral role in the American Civil Rights movement. Bruce Springsteen once said of Seeger, “At some point, [he] decided he’d be a walking, singing reminder of all of America’s history. He’d be a living archive of America’s music and conscience, a testament of the power of song and culture to nudge history along, to push American events towards more humane and justified ends. He would have the audacity and the courage to sing in the voice of the people.” May he rest in peace. Listen to two of his spirituals and see photos after the jump:

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