Misc: Pope Francis Gives Christmas Presents to 2,000 Immigrants Speaks of the Poor

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis gave small Christmas presents to 2,000 immigrants recently. Learn more from The Independent here: Pope Francis Gifts Christmas Presents to 2,000 Immigrants. Read the Pope’s Christmas message which reminds us of our duty to the poor here: Remember the Poor

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Misc: Angels We Have Heard on High Saying, ‘Stay Home!’

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Midnight Mass

Some people look forward to Midnight Mass all year long. Our own Melissa Musick is not among them. She writes in Celebration, “If I had a Get-Out-of-Mass-Free card, I would save it for Christmas Eve.” Read about the trials and tribulations of making it to Midnight Mass after the jump. (This article first appeared in Celebration.) Find a Mass time that works for you here.

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Misc: The yearly Christmas letter demands a good editor

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Christmas stamps

Our own Melissa Musick writes in The National Catholic Reporter about how writing a decent family Christmas letter means leaving “hours of the story on the cutting room floor.”  Read it here: The yearly Christmas letter demands a good editor

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Misc: Pope Emphasizes Humility Encourages Praying ‘O Antiphons’

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Monastic vespers

On our Facebook page we’ve been encouraging reader’s to pray the “O Antiphons” during Advent. Pope Francis did the same in a recent address about the importance of humility in the spiritual life. Read the Pope’s remarks from Catholic News Service here: Pope Emphasizes Humility Encourages Praying ‘O Antiphons’. Learn more about the “O Antiphons” after the jump:

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