Misc: Family Owned Mennonite Company Forced to Comply With HHS Mandate

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Mennonites, like many other Christians, including Catholics, believe that they have a moral duty to respect the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death. Mennonites are pacifist and do not believe in killing of any kind, since Jesus taught his followers to love their enemies. Likewise, they believe that it would be immoral for them to intentionally participate in, pay for, or facilitate, the destruction of a fertilized human zygote or embryo. As a result, a small family-owned Mennonite wood manufacturing business, Conestoga Wood Specialities, sued the Obama administration over the HHS mandate  which requires employers to pay for their employees morning after pills, such as Plan B and Ella.  The family argued that being forced to do so would violate their religious freedom. They have lost their case.  Read the story from Catholic News Service here: Mennonite owned wood manufacturer sues over contraception mandate  And here: Court Forces Mennonite Company to Comply with HHS Mandate

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Misc: Pope on gays: ‘Who am I to judge?’

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Pope Francis gave a remarkably candid interview during his flight back from World Youth Day, touching on everything from the “need for a deep theology of women in the church” to mercy for divorced Catholics, to the fact that it says in the Catechism that gays “shouldn’t be marginalized” and are our “brothers”. John Allen has the story in National Catholic Reporter here: Pope on gays: ‘Who am I to judge?’

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Misc: Pope Francis proves to be a pontiff of surprises

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Lisa Wangsness writes in The Boston Globe about how Pope Francis has been shaking up the Church, from inspiring young people to go out into the streets to serve the body of Christ, to appointing more lay men and women, to requesting that bishops live lives of poverty and humility, to meeting with recovering drug addicts and criticizing clericalism. Read the whole article in The Boston Globe here: Pope Francis Proves to be  a Pontiff of Surprises (In the photo above then Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, is riding the bus to work.)

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Misc: Pope points to vital role of grandparents

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Grandparents Pope Francis told pilgrims at World Youth Day, “Children and the elderly build the future of peoples: children because they lead history forward, the elderly because they transmit the experience and wisdom of their lives . . . This relationship and this dialogue between generations is a treasure to be preserved and strengthened!”  Read his entire Angelus address here: Pope stresses vital role of grandparents For more on the importance of grandparents read Anna Keating’s essay in America magazine on moving her son closer to his grandparents: No Place Like It

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TCC Radio: Pope Francis Urges Young Brazilians to Stay Hopeful

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“Never yield to discouragement . . . Don’t get tired of working for a more just world.”

Pope Francis visits Favela On Thursday Pope Francis walked the streets of one of Rio De Janeiro’s most dangerous favelas. Listen to the story of the “slum Pope” on NPR here: Pope Francis Urges Young Brazilians to Stay Hopeful

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