TCC Films: Sweetening the Pill

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the pill

Ricki Lake’s natural childbirth documentary The Business of Being Born questioned the over-medicalization of birth. Her new film, Sweetening the Pill, questions the over-use of artificial birth control.  More and watch the trailer after the jump:

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Pope Francis Says Church Should Ask Forgiveness From Gays & Others

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Pope Francis

Pope Francis says Christians must ask forgiveness from gays and lesbians and those they have mistreated. St. JPII asked forgiveness on behalf of the Church from: the unborn, women, indigenous people, Jews, the poor, and immigrants. Catholic News Agency has the story. Crux: Pope Backs Apology to Gays, Says Not Just Them. NY Times: Church Should Apologize. NPR’s take after the jump:

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Memorial of St. Cyril of Alexandria

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Madonna and Child by Matisse For the memorial of St. Cyril of Alexandria we recommend this sketch of the Madonna and Child by Matisse. Saint Cyril of Alexandria deserves to be remembered for this gift to us, if for nothing else. It is the name he gave to the Blessed Virgin Mary: “Theotokos,” which is Greek for “the bearer of God.” More from Melissa Musick after the jump:

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