TCC Reads: Melissa Musick

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birthday candles Happy birthday to TCC’s own writer in residence Melissa Musick! Love her writing & can’t wait for The Catholic Catalogue in book form?  Read one of her wonderful books on Night PrayerMorning Prayer, the saintsBible stories for children, or First Communion. You can purchase her books online here. And thank Melissa for her free & beautiful work on this site daily by becoming a subscriber (for $3!). Happy birthday and thanks for all the beautiful writing!

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TCC Playlist: Second Chances by Gregory Alan Isakov

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Gregory Alan Isakov

We’re fans of the Colorado based singer-songwriter, Gregory Alan Isakov. On “Second Chances” he sings, “If it weren’t for second chances we’d all be alone.” Seems like a good track for Holy Week. Come to church this week, even if you’re at your lowest, or haven’t been in a long time. We all need mercy. We all need community. Church isn’t for perfect people who’ve got their act together, it’s for us. Jesus is the Good Shepherd, seeking out his lost sheep, even when we’re afraid we’ve wandered off for good. Listen to “Second Chances” after the jump:

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Misc: 1300 Year-old Mummy with Michael the Archangel Tattoo

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Mummy Tattoo of St. Michael the Archangel

A 1300 year-old Sudanese mummy with a tattoo of the symbol for St. Michael the Archangel (the patron saint for medieval Sudan), will be on display in a new exhibition at the British Museum.  More from The Telegraph UK here: 1300 Year-old Mummy with Michael the Archangel Tattoo

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