TCC Playlist: Reformation Day aka Thank a Protestant Day

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thank-you At The Catholic Catalogue, we’re declaring October 31: Learn a Protestant hymn, sing a Protestant hymn, share a Protestant hymn and thank a Protestant Day. Today is Reformation Day, learn more about Martin Luther and the Protestant hymns that enrich us all after the jump:

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Children and Halloween

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For Catholics, Halloween is a door to All Souls Day, and November, the month of the dead. It is also an opportunity for children to call the shots. Our own Melissa Musick writes, “[On Halloween] we are encouraged to act as though what we say we believe is, indeed, true . . . we do not need to fear, not even in the darkest night.” Read the rest after the jump:

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Feast of St. Marcellus

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broken gun

Today is the feast of St. Marcellus, a third century Christian who was martyred for refusing to serve in the emperor’s army. He said, “It is not right for a Christian, who serves the Lord Christ, to serve in the armies of the world.” Shawn Storer has St. Marcellus’ story in The Sign Of Peace. Read it here: St. Marcellus Pray For Us

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